Me In Color Theory

Greetings! Let me introduce myself. My name is Jennifer Corsano and I am a mother, a wife, a business owner, a student, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and am grateful to be a part of this cosmic wonderment that somehow, through a series of events, was able to bring me here.

Personally, I love to spend time and watch my two beautiful children grow and experience all sorts of things for the first time. When I rarely get the chance, I am an avid reader. I’m sorry to admit it but I have to always have the tv on (for background noise, I guess) and I have a sweet tooth and okay, I have a savory tooth too… I enjoy red and white wines and champagne and rose as well. B.K. (before kids) my husband and I traveled whenever and wherever we got the chance. Now it’s mostly trips to amusement and water parks where I get a kick out of sharing that amazing time when I can just witness my kids going totally bonkers. I love animals and, again, B.K., I was a vegetarian and animal rights activist for 30 years. I’m rounding that corner again where my interests are revving back up. My household consists of my husband, Tom, my 2 children; Sophie 8, and Jack 5, our 5-year-old rescue Brody (collie mix), our 15-year-old feral born Siamese cat Floyd, our 2 Beta fish Cooper and Ditchy, our Fancy goldfish Dorothy, and our little blue neon fish Bluie.

Like I said, I am an avid reader (when I can) and to name one favorite book is impossible. The “nerdy” part of me wants to be a wizard and has read all of the Harry Potter books and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The rest of me loves to read smart and beautifully written novels of fiction and nonfiction. I can’t just name one so I’ll name three that consistently come to mind, from time to time, since I have read them. The first one, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, the second one All Over But the Shoutin’ by Rick Bragg, and the third one A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. I like to think I am a bit of a “movie snob” and am pretty selective on what I think is worthy to go to the movies for. But unlike books I can name my one all-time favorite and that is Les Miserables. The first time I watched it my mother and I had headaches from keeping us bawling like a couple of babies from beginning to end. I don’t care what any one has to say about it, it’s a masterpiece and I love it and never tire of it…24601…

As of the moment, I am a Junior at UNF hoping to get my Fine Arts degree. I would like to explore all of the Fine arts while in school. All I have done thus far is Drawing and I just absolutely love it. What a feeling when you’re totally immersed in a work oblivious to everything going on around you! Following the lines you are drawing, watching forms develop from those lines, and the forms creating a picture of what you wanted to make. It’s a bit of a surreal experience to be able to think of something or look at something and then recreate it on paper… Now I am not a naturally gifted artist, I have a long way to go to improve on this craft but I still love it all the same. My life, fortunately, has led me to this opportunity to come back to school and learn what I am passionate about. It’s taken me a long time to figure out what I am passionate about…

So here I am. I’ve hit my “mid-life” and I feel I am revisiting all of those things that brought me such pleasure growing up. And the best part of that? I don’t have to relive the bad parts, whoo hoo!

Your constant friend,

Jenne Corsano


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