10 Letter Word – UNPLEASANT

Working on the idea for my 10 Letter Word project.



Here is my version of the 10 Letter Word:  Unpleasant.  I should have made all of the worms bright and highlighted as in the middle panel.  Highlighting the worm adds to the unpleasantness of the picture.  Also, instead of free-handing all panels I need to use a light box or tracing paper to make all of the images identical, although, it works as a series don’t you think?




3 thoughts on “10 Letter Word – UNPLEASANT

  1. richardpatrickhughes says:

    Hi, Jen, yes I think it works as a series. It’s almost like the idea of unpleasantness gets stronger as you move from left to right. That blue and green on the end embody unpleasantness in the extreme. You could have, perhaps, made the worm a little more graphic as well. The kinds of worms I’ve seen come out of apples usually have segments. That would really have been gross.

    Good luck on your Bezold Effect. I finished mine. Not sure if it works, but I had to get it done.


  2. bckansas says:

    Yes, it does get more unpleasant as you move from left to right…I agree….the colors are more graphic. Interesting concept and would be very, very unpleasant.


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